Over the years, my specialized doctors and my chiropractor have developed a deep respect for Chris and his work. Now, my chiropractor will often start sessions with, “What did Chris say I should focus on?’ in addition to his own diagnosis. He almost always agrees with Chris’ assessment. Similarly, my chronic illness medical doctor will listen to information Chris gives her through me. Even though the three of them have never met, they represent a great team that has helped me tremendously. read more

HillaryMonroe, NC
I’ve been a crossfit athlete for about 10 years now, and I’ve done quite a bit of damage to my body as a result.  Chris and his team have helped identify problems, the sources of those problems, and rectify them, to the point that my quality of life has substantially improved.”


Mark MelchiorCrossfit athlete + dad

Chris has become THE ONLY professional I allow to treat my 2 athlete sons, and on numerous occasions since we’ve moved from Charlotte to Charleston, SC., we’ve made the 3.5 hour trip back to Charlotte because of Chris’ expertise and breadth of knowledge in soft tissue and structural problems.

Steph DinwiddieMother of 2 athletes