Corrective Exercise

A corrective exercise is a movement or exercise chosen to correct a specific dysfunction. There is no “perfect form” due to the fact that all of our structures are different, and our dysfunctional movement has to be addressed case by case. 180 Therapies will help you identify your particular movement dysfunction, and teach you how…


Musculoskeletal Alignment

Blending the principles of osteopathy and structural integration to relieve chronic pain, and to reduce the potential for the emergence of pain which could become chronic over time. This technique is often integrated into regular massage and bodywork sessions, and it can also be used alone to treat systemic problems. The focus of this technique is…


Swedish Massage

If you’re feeling tense and in need of a relaxing massage, then 180 Therapies can help you out. We provide a range of incredible techniques that are all carried out by experienced and certified massage professionals. One of our most popular services is the Swedish massage, which is proven to have a range of incredible benefits for…


NeuroMuscular Massage

In Neuromuscular massage treatment, one must apply manual pressure perpendicular to the skin surface if the muscle is to be stimulated. Through applied knowledge of trigger points, neuromuscular therapy addresses postural distortion (poor posture), biomechanical dysfunction, nerve compression syndrome, and ischemia.

Ortho Kinetics Training

Ortho-Kinetics is a system designed to align your posture, balance your body, increase range of motion, eliminate pain, and more. It is based on corrective exercise training and soft tissue therapy to help you move better and even develop better performance for exercise and sports. Ortho-Kinetics trainers and therapists are trained to assess, train, treat and rehab…