Timur’s training began in Medical school in Moscow, Russia where he studied nursing and at the time
was preparing for medical school. After learning from professors and doctors the tremendous
benefits of manual therapy, he decided to pursue that passion.

He moved countries and mastered soft tissue therapy at the North Carolina School of Advanced

Timur’s life career goals include making a significant and meaningful impact on the health of his clients,
promoting healthy choices to help preserve their health, and alleviating pain. His fascination with the
human body and complex systems continue to be one of the most powerful motivators for his current
educational pursuits which include both academic studies at UNCC and continuing education courses
across the US.

In his sessions, Timur uses science to guide his treatment, yet his uniquely empathetic touch
allows him to sense the needs of each client and to put them in the state of deep restoration.

Timur is board certified with the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy.

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